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We Need a Secretary of Food, not Agriculture

One of my favorite topics to post about here is Food Policy.  Here is a short piece at the NY Times that talks about the opportunity that President-elect Obama has to nominate a reformer instead of an insider to the post of Secretary of Agriculture.

Op-Ed Columnist – Obama’s ‘Secretary of Food’? – NYTimes.com


More Press for Shelly’s Obama Mural

King 5 did a piece last night on the mural. You can see the video at

Obama mural to ward of taggers

From Barbarella to Obama

My friend, Shelly, has recently gotten some local press about the Obama mural she painted on her garage door. Here is her explanation of how the previous mural, the Space Virgin Barbarella, was defaced by a tagger, and then her subsequent decision to paint it over with a mural of Obama.

Waggle Labs: From Barbarella to Obama