Pork I Can Get Behind

In Trial Run, Chipotle Heads to the Farm – washingtonpost.com

Chipotle is the only fast food restaurant where Lisa and I can actually eat meat.  She and I have been trying to follow a pasture/natural-raised meat diet.  Unfortunately, that means we end up eating vegetarian most of the time when we eat outside of the home.  However, Chipotle brings some hope that pasture-raised meat can become more prevalent in restaurants.


One response to “Pork I Can Get Behind

  1. While Chipotle may care about humanely raised meat, it doesn’t care about humanely picked tomatoes. When the Coalition of Immokalee Workers–a Florida-based farmworker organization–asked Chipotle to collaborate with them to improve wages and working conditions for the farmworkers who pick tomatoes bought by the company, Chipotle ignored the request. When public protest began mounting, Chipotle went so far as to allegedly suspend tomato purchases from Florida in an effort to avoid improving wages and working conditions. Apparently Chipotle is more interested in avoiding dialogue with farmworkers than in protecting theire human rights.
    See for details:

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