Two Jobs In One Day

Somehow I managed to land two jobs in one day. And each of them are supposed to be 20 hours a week. Plus I’m supposed to be staging in restaurants, which usually works out to around 30 hours a week. I also cater and that’s about 5-8 hours a week. Add that up and I’m working 4 jobs with a total of 75 hours a week. Ummm… something is going to have to change.

I guess I should back up a little bit and explain these two new jobs. Last week one of Lisa’s employees quit. This left her to pick up the slack and she has been working very long hours and has been under lots of stress. I hated to see her so stressed out and worried about whether or not she could handle all of the work. So I offered to work for her. I figured if I worked part-time then it would ease the burden on Lisa, at least a little bit. It’s the type of work I used to do before I switched careers, so it isn’t a stretch for me to be doing this. Unfortunately, she has taken me up on my offer. While I’m happy to be helping her and easing her burden, there was a reason I left this sort of work behind me. Anyway, I’m on the hook now and I’m going to start tomorrow at Crisp Wireless. Yeehaw.

The other job I landed today is, thankfully, within my current career choice, though it isn’t inside a kitchen. In fact, it is inside many kitchens. I’m not sure of my official title, but I am the NYC Promoter of Cacao Barry chocolate. It will be my job to go around the city and talk to pastry chefs about Cacao Barry’s new lines of chocolates, give them samples, and do whatever I can to get them interested in the product. It isn’t a direct sales role as they don’t buy from me. It is a great networking opportunity since I’m going to be meeting all of the pastry chefs in the city’s top restaurants. Also, there are quite a few perks of working for Barry Callebaut (the company that produces the Cacao Barry line). I’ll be able to take free classes at their school that is opening up in Chicago (they already have several schools throughout the world). They might be expanding this program of promoters to other cities, so there could be a chance to take this job with me to Seattle. I met with the sales manager for the NE region today and he offered me the job. We met at the Javits Convention Center where the International Restaurant & Foodservice Show was underway. He was able to get me into the show so I could look around.


So I can’t realistically work 75 hours a week, right? I guess what I’m going to do is finish up my stage at Gilt this week and then hold off on my next stage until Lisa manages to fill her vacant position and I can hand off my work to the new employee. She interviewed someone today that sounds promising and they said they can start in three weeks. Let’s just hope Crisp makes an offer and they accept! In the meantime, I’m going to be very busy.


3 responses to “Two Jobs In One Day

  1. The days of leisure are officially over! ;-D
    Go for it, you can do it!

  2. So who is the NE Sales Manager these days.

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