Who Mourns When a Business Dies?

I’m sad to report that the Woodstock Water Buffalo company has expired.  I tried to call them this morning to find out which retailers in NYC sell their mozzarella cheese and was greeted with a recording saying the company is closed and to press extension 17 if I was interested in purchasing their remaining assets.  I have only had their yogurt before, but it was really wonderful and I’m sad that we won’t get to eat it anymore.  I wonder why they closed?  They had been doing very well in the press and their products had been receiving rave reviews.

And what about the water buffalo, what happens to them?


One response to “Who Mourns When a Business Dies?

  1. I’ve wondering about this for nearly a month as have many of the nearly 400 members of my educational water buffalo discussion group ( http://groups.yahoo.com/group/Water_Buffalo ). I see that their first web address http://www.StarHillDairy.com/ is
    still pointing to web site which is still up at
    http://www.WoodstockWaterBuffalo.com/ as is the welcome page for the
    new name announced last year, “Vermont SpoonDance Creamery”

    I am interested to hear more about this. What will happen to the
    buffaloes and the dairy/creamery? What went wrong? What lessons can
    be learned from this?

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