A Meal in Progress

After our wedding last year Lisa and I had a lot of leftover barbecue.  Really good barbecue.  The kind that takes a lot of time, a lot of skill, and more than a little bit of love.  Lisa’s cousin’s husband (or should I just say cousin-in-law?) has a bbq catering business in Kansas City.  Craig, the cousin-in-law cum barbecue king, smoked many pounds of various meats for the event and brought it with him on the plane from KC.  You can check out his company, Belly Up BBQ.

One of the various types of meat was a delicious smoked salmon.  The morning after the wedding I was trying to figure out what to make Lisa and I for breakfast.  We didn’t have too much in the fridge besides a lot of leftover barbecue.  I wanted to do something a little nicer than cereal or toast.  That’s when my eyes fell upon the foil packet of smoked salmon and my mind was alight with thoughts of softly scrambled eggs, smoked salmon, and cream cheese.  And that is just exactly what I did.  It was such a big hit with Lisa that it became one of her new favorite dishes.  Unfortunately, we don’t get smoked salmon very often and so I have only made it a few times since.

Over this past Labor Day weekend we went up to Cape Cod and stayed at a friend’s vacation house.  It was a relaxing weekend and we had a good time.  Well… I did.  Lisa, unfortunately, came down with a cold and it was at it’s worst that weekend.  She soldiered through though and we even managed to spend a little bit of time on the beach on Sunday.  As far as food goes, we were a little disappointed with the Cape.  The food we experienced there was rather mediocre.  We tried to go out to dinner on Saturday night to what was supposed to be one of the nicest restaurants on the Cape, but were sorely disappointed (and much lighter in the wallet unfortunately).  Thankfully for Lisa she had almost completely lost her sense of taste because of the cold.  She wasn’t able to tell just how bad the food was.  Oh, I almost forgot, we did stumble upon a bakery making fresh, hot malasadas, which was a nice treat.  On Sunday we managed to find a fish monger where we picked up some halibut to make for dinner that evening and some wonderful smoked bluefish to take back home.

Fast-forward one week.  Lisa has finally regained most of her sense of taste after it being wholly absent for more than a week.  We’re trying to decide what to make for dinner when she remembers the smoked bluefish.  Smoked fish – check.  Eggs – check.  Cream cheese – check.  Add a little green chives and sliced shallots and we’ve got ourselves a meal!  To accompany the scramble we sliced a local tomato and sprinkled it with sea salt and extra-virgin olive oil.  A couple pieces of toasted multi-grain bread with our favorite butter, Plugra.  Breakfast for dinner!  It was fantastic.


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