My First Wedding Cake

First, here is the photo that I was given by the bride as a basis for my design. She said that she liked the leaves with the names but did not like the tree on top. Luckily, she said that I had fairly free reign to be creative with the final outcome.

And here are some photos of the wedding cake that I made for my cousin in Colorado.

Their wedding had an outdoors theme and their colors were brown and green. The only gumpaste decorations are the small leaves around the edge of the top tier. The leaves with the names written on them are from a local honeysuckle bush and the flowers at the base were picked in the meadow where the ceremony was held. It was a lemon cake with a raspberry preserve and lemon curd filling. I also made a sheet cake for the occasion – carrot cake with cream cheese frosting.

I covered the tiered cakes in fondant just a couple hours before we got on the plane to fly to Colorado. I wrapped the cakes tightly in plastic wrap, surrounded them with bubble wrap, and packed them in boxes with packing peanuts. After we arrived I unwrapped the cakes to find that the fondant had absorbed moisture from the cake and was completely soft and deformed. I’m guessing that because the cakes were wrapped tightly in plastic it trapped the moisture instead of letting it dissipate like it normally would. Luckily I had brought extra fondant with me and was able to pull off the old stuff and re-cover the cakes. I wasn’t able to get quite as smooth of a crumb coat as before so there were some bumps and defects. However, with the leaves on the side I were able to hid the majority of the problems.

It was also my first experience with high altitude baking. I was at 8,000 feet and had to bake the carrot cakes. I looked up the guidelines for adjusting recipes for altitude and baked a small test cake first. The cake came out almost exactly how I wanted it, I just needed to adjust the chemical leavener a little more and also reduce the sugar a bit more. I made those adjustments without baking another test cake, but I was confident I’d get the results I was looking for. Luckily, I was right and the cakes came out beautifully. Both the lemon cake and the carrot cakes were big hits.

If you would like to see the rest of the wedding photos, they can be found here.


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